The Shared-Services Health Applications and Resources Environment (SHARE) project addresses the challenge associated with providing secure and trusted access to health data for health research organisations.

Increasing demands on health services have highlighted the need for improved understanding of public health and disease, informing both service delivery and policy-making. The UK is well placed to develop research capability and deliver third party services in this area through the provision of effective epidemiological record-linkage and analytic services. The SHARE project will create a technology demonstrator providing a shared services architecture for ensuring health data used in research is resilient, secure and accessible by employing a cloud-based, virtual environment.

Last year the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) issued funding to assist in network security innovations. The “Trusted Services” call aims to create reliable new platforms and approaches to network security with a view to providing sustainable network solutions that link businesses, academia and government. This will hopefully drive the market for trusted services in the UK forward encouraging collaboration and knowledge transfer, stimulating growth throughout the IT industry.

The TSB funding is essential to overcoming the barriers associated with adopting a cloud infrastructure for secure health data.  Without the safeguards created within the SHARE project the commercial and operational benefits from cloud computing will not be realised by the UK health data research community.  The funding will also specifically support a programme of dissemination activities which will include a workshop to be held in London for the UK medical research community in which the specific outputs from the SHARE project will be showcased.

Provides a new approach to network and data management, offering the user flexible on demand options for their computing resources. All features of the service are provided on a, as needed basis, with the user paying only for what they use.